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a program that can protect your system against attacks you target to penetrate it,Such as viruses, malicious programs and external attacks by hackers,it protects your personal data in a simple interface that protects you completely from attacks,Comodo Firewall Pro It helps you to connect to the Internet in private and free.

The nice thing that distinguishes the program Comodo Firewall Pro for most other firewall programs
It is a fact that does not include many settings that make the user puzzled, Its installation and use are very simple and easy to learn, it provides a very simple and very practical work interface, It provides a very simple and practical interface any novice or professional can handle it and take advantage of all its benefits.

Comodo Firewall Pro also has a good reputation,Whether through user feedback and rating,Or through the evaluation of relevant sites in the evaluation of programs, this is due to its efficiency and its many features which we mention:

Automatically manage information in your device

Freeze and stop all attacks you may have over the Internet

Secure all communications and protocols while connected to the Internet

Control the access of any program or destination to the Internet either outside the system or inside it

Program Requirements:

512 MB RAM, 400 MB available hard disk space

Developer: Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.
Price: 0.00 is free
OS: WinXP, Windows 7
Size: 85MB
Release Date: 8-10-2016
Changes: This version contains many modifications that are different from the previous version
Last Updated on 24-11-2017 New

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