Download vso downloader 2018

VSO Downloader Program to download files from internet

Explanation and evaluation VSO Downloader

the program works on capturing video or audio files automatically
The user is presented with an elegant window ask if he want to download this file with a great number of accuracy and formats
With this program there is no need to copy the link and put it in the program because the program can automatically capture files it works hidden

Do not consume more of 5mb of ram
Do not consume more than 5% of the processor during loading

the program is compatible with hundreds of sites and does it automatically
it is capable of downloading many formats of audio and video and allows the user to locate and save the file

The program is easy to use and smooth and not complicated installation
It is also possible to download by this program other files and also works automatically when you click the download link and start loading and works to break the speed determined by the server to receive the file as fast as possible this application is compatible with all HTTP and HTTPS protocols
the program team is always updating it

the program is free of annoying ads and windows and does not require installation or visit to install a toolbar and the like, In addition, the program is free 100%

Supports all versions of Windows from Microsoft
Multi-language Brazilian, French, English, Danish.

The program is effective, easy to use, free of defects, very smooth and makes it easy for you to download a lot from the Internet.

OS WinXP, Windows 7
Size 19 MB
Release Date: 22-4-2014
Last Updated on 20-10-2017 New

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