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Explanation and evaluation DDD Pool

DDD Pool is a wonderful game, a three-dimensional game, very wonderful and distinctive, in which the details are very sophisticated and based on simple physics realistic, the game system comfortable and easy, the game ensures you many hours of entertainment and happiness and in many situations where you can play 8-ball-9, ball, and many others, the game is realistic to a great extent, you can play against your friends or against the computer or you can play against the clock as you have to finish the tasks required of you at a certain time in a special situation, and you can play in many different rooms and distinctive.

Game requirements:

Pentium II 400MHz, 3D graphics card with 16MB, DirectX 8

OS WinXP, Windows 7

Size 9.7 MB
Version 1.2
Release Date: 17-7-2011
Changes: New version
Last updated on 1-8-2011

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