FMD free download manager

       Explain and evaluate the software download or download programs from the Internet  FDM

Program of the most important download programs from the Internet, and the best known and most powerful and fastest used to download various types of files and it has many new features including fetching property and is a very useful feature where when you place the mouse pointer on a video, sound file, or picture showing the fetch tool and with one click it will download the free file and another feature enables the user to stop download and download programs from the Internet and complete it quickly and amazingly. in which you can schedule tasks download With formatting for program types within sections. the possibility of searching for links from other sites, the program is very easy to use,the program is light on the computer and great program in short.

Windows operating system
Size 6.81 MB
Version 3.848
Date of Issue  31-10-2011
Last updated in 31-10-2011

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