JOT (Just Open & Type)

Explain and Evaluate JOT - Just open and start typing

JOT (Just Open & Type)

Are you looking for an application for your iPhone where you can record your comments and ideas easily and quickly?most notes applications be full for features, you may never need them but they cause slow in the application as well as an increase in application size.but the solution is available to have us through an application that gives you ease, simplicity and small size.

JOT (Just Open & Type)

It is a notes application designed to record thoughts and observations at the moment they come to mind.and Like an ordinary notebook, once you open it you can write directly without having to take any extra step, such as clicking on creating a new observation and name it. JOT application locks your notes directly as soon as you exit the application.

JOT (Just Open & Type)

Application Features:

Privacy: You can lock your notes by password.

Easy to use and simplicity of the application interface.

Small app size.

Cons of application:

Lack of horizontal situation.

Lack of cloud storage observations provide.

JOT (Just Open & Type)

Size: 22.8 MB Download now
Version: 0.91
Release Date: 10-5-2017
Last updated at 8-5-2017
Operating system: iPhone
Classification: Download Android applications, Download Program 

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