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Explain and assess Tumblr 2017
there is no doubt that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and snap chat and many other sites greatly affect our daily lives, most of the world is using these sites a day, and those sites are used in advertising companies and announcements of new applications, and also add some exclusive news on time,the world of the Internet has become full of surprises in the light of the enormous development that gets the day, we do not want to forget also that smartphones and electronic shops and regulations that have been new construction, all the sites social networking, if those sites have not been shown before, we were not going to see this the great technological development that is happening in the world,and but social networking sites differ from each other in the idea and some things and brings them together are also other ideas, but must be the idea of the emergence of the site is quite different from other sites for example Twitter is very different idea for Facebook and also Instagram is devoted to images and celebrities all these ideas made famous sites,But when he comes to the idea of a new site and also combines features of other sites ideas will be very special, it has done application Tumblr 2017 application, which could be different from the rest of the other sites you can through Tumblr that are more than a blog and writing work inside and also be there for the followers of these codes if your blog is targeted,you can also post some photos and videos, as well as motion pictures, it was not by any social networking site supports moving images.
and also could Tumblr 2017 that combines many of the features of other sites such as Facebook and Twitter and Instagram there will be private blog stories are similar to the idea of a Facebook page and her followers, as he in Tumblr 2017, you can receive messages from followers and respond to them,You can also comment on the publications of your friends and post their comments are things that were not present before the application, but with the recent updates, the company was able to play to provide the application with all these features, but keeps the application Tumblr 2017 him put something else different from other social networking sites.

Developer: David Karp
Release Date: 21/02/2017
Last updated on 02/20/2017
Operating system: Android

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