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Explanation and evaluation SpeakingPal English Tutor for Android
Learning English and understanding it does not necessarily mean being able to speak it. Many people can read and understand any text in English and write it smoothly. But when it comes to speaking in English, the difficulty of the dots and the lack of smooth talking are among the most important problems. From the understanding of the speaker, despite his proficiency in English in theory often,speakingPal English Tutor is an Android application that came to solve and solve this problem. This tutorial application helps the user to improve his performance in English in terms of pronunciation and speaking in a variety of tools and tools.
the application contains many different levels of difficulty and each contains several exercises and tests are dialogues asked you to do and then the application to punctuate your level and you can return the dialogue to perfect the pronunciation of the required words.
application flaw SpeakingPal English Tutor is that only 16 levels are free, after which the user has to pay for the rest of the levels, and it requires a good Internet connection in order to use it as best as possible.
Size varies by device
Release Date: 22-3-2017
Last updated on 17-3-2017
Operating system: Android

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