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english is one of the easiest languages in the world and is not as difficult as some languages like French and Spanish, especially in terms of rules, but this does not exclude the existence of some rules and vocabulary difficult in the language, including the complex acts Phrasal verbs,application Phrasalstein is an Android application developed by the University of Cambridge, is an educational application and is designed primarily to teach users simple phrase acts and are different from applied teaching methods.
the application teaches users the rules of using complex verbs by moving animations, making the learning process very entertaining. More than 100 actions can be learned in English only by animation inspired by classic horror movies.
after viewing animated images of a set of verbs that are most commonly used in the language, the user can perform a set of questions and tests in another section of the application, so that the user can evaluate his or her learning of the rules of phrasal verbs.
Size varies by device
Version: 1.2
Release Date: 19-3-2017
Last updated on 19-3-2017
Operating system: Android

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