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Explain and assess Mobizen for Android
it ordered the imaging screen phones that operate system Android was difficult at first, but some phone companies began to be played to allow this run through the button and shut down the phone to take pictures of the phone or the so-called screenshot, but this was not enough for users to Android, or in other words, they do not want this just but they want that they filmed the video screen and  but users began hesitant about the work of your root phones, although he is very harmful to most mobile but forbidden sometimes be desirable but we in the site downloads software will let you know the best alternatives at all that could see her, give you an application you can by taking snapshots of the screen the image of body fixed or you can take snapshots of the body animated image format GIF or you can also shoot video through the phone all of this we can provide for you through a simple shop Google Play application for all Android system users and is applied Mobizen that application, which can by any user to be doing a video and imaging phone screen from which and also you can users during action video on the phone that they open the camera front or rear camera, can also be users that they record their voices during the video work and also shows very clearly the sound during the explanation.
Features Application Mobizen:

• the application works free of charge for all Android phones.

• apply Mobizen allows all users to take pictures fixed or mobile.

• users can that they filmed the video on the phone through Mobizen.

• you can record your voice during a video work.

• can you to use your video quality by reducing or height Depending on your desire.

Version: 4.4
Release Date: 10/03/2017
Last updated on  03/09/2017
Operating system: Android

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