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Explanation and evaluation Learn English Grammar for Android

Language learning applications are divided into two main parts. The first is the application that teaches you to speak and understand the language. This is good if you want to visit a country or learn a language to speak. The second section is the least of the applications that teach you the basics and principles of language and application LearnEnglish Grammar is one of them,LearnEnglish Grammar is the application that can be said from the application that takes the user's hand from zero to the professional language, with a wide range of lessons and exercises of different difficulty, LearnEnglish Grammar is one of the best applications of learning languages on Android,LearningEnglish Grammar is suitable for users of all levels, offering lessons in different stages of difficulty, and each stage contains hundreds of exercises and questions to test learning and user assessment.
the disadvantage of the basic application is its lack of availability in some Arab countries, especially in Africa, and some of the contents of the application require purchase, which is not available to all. Among the alternatives that we can recommend if you can not use LearnEnglish Grammar is the free Duolingo application available to all countries.
Learning a new language is difficult or easy, depending on the source and the way you learn.

Size varies by device
Version: 1.2.1
Release Date: 22-3-2017
Last updated on 15-3-2017
Operating system: Android

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