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Explanation and evaluation of Johnny Grammar's Word Challenge

Johnny Grammar's Word Challenge is a unique application for people who learn English or who know it well. It is a game of questions that tests your level and how you learn English through simple questions with multiple solutions,the questions in the Johnny Grammar's Word Challenge often focus on basic English grammar such as using "on or in" and some common rules and mistakes, which helps you improve your level of language and discover the mistakes you are experiencing in order to fix it, In each question, the user has only 60 seconds for the answer and 4 of them are correct. There is also a points system where you get more points and answers to more questions. You can use this to compete with your friends and share your results on social sites.
there are three different levels of difficulty: "simple, medium, hard". The tests are divided into three types: "words, rules, pronunciation", the only drawback is that it is not currently available in some Arab countries, but you can always use the VPN application to access Google Play stores for European countries or America and download the application.
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Size: 19.3 MB
Version: 3.2.6
Release Date: 22-3-2017
Last updated on 15-3-2017
Operating system: Android

Download Johnny Grammar's Word Challenge for Android

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