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Explain and assess Wheels of Steel Convoy 2016 for Windows
if you are a truck driving enthusiasts, this game is the best choice,where the transfer of goods and identify new drivers and join them in more than 50 cities,the more evolved in the game can buy a new truck so that they are faster and more beautiful than before which and of course to buy the best truck you have to do many of the connections and the winner of the goods transactions.

so delivering the consignment before the delivery date and without any damage as a result of accidents caused by the speed with which you make
But be careful of the police because they will catch you when you increase your speed to a certain point and stop you, and to pay a fine and failed to deliver the consignment the timing schedule.
Download the game and enjoy it.

Size: 131484 K
Released: 2005-09-14 Free Demo
Release Date: 07/01/2017
Last updated on 25/12/2013
Operating System: WinXP, Windows 7
Classification: Download Program

Download  18 Wheels of Steel Convoy for Windows

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