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Explanation and evaluation of Busuu for Android
there are many applications for learning languages, especially English, but the most important applications continue to carry unique ideas in ways of learning. Busuu is one of them. Busuu helps each other learn languages as a form of social networking, like other social networks, Busuu has millions of members of more than 60 million subscribers and help each other and help each other learn languages that they aspire to learn or dig deeper into, the Busuu application is very popular and has been selected as one of the best applications of the Google Play market in 2015. The application includes many teachers and students from all over the world, helping others to acquire other languages through lessons they share with them.
featuring Busuu a wide range of lessons, including audio lessons for pronunciation and written lessons, which are divided into lessons in vocabulary, common phrases and, of course, grammar, without forgetting exercises that can assess the user's performance and comprehension of the language he studies.
Languages that can be learned in the application are: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese and finally Chinese.
Version varies by device
Release Date: 22-3-2017
Last updated on 17-3-2017
Operating system: Android

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