Download A SECOND BEFORE US One of the new games that tells us that the United States in the future has been subjected to genocide and attack from the very mysterious attacks until the land is empty nothing in it and no living creature in sight neither near nor far You found yourself here in these events And the situation is your task came to work on trying to understand what is happening and is happening in the matter and at the same time know the fate of humans to stay here human beings for this will start here in the download game A SECOND BEFORE US To a wide range of different and diverse missions Remember that you are immersed in the unknown and the earth has been exposed to a total destruction of this during your wandering Expecting anything of any kind was not only that but tried to explore everything you find and reach your hands will find Some observations here and there tried to launch them in order to uncover all the facts and know what happened and come to the truth within this game, entertaining and wonderful if the world of challenge here waiting for you hero not Miss and do not wait for it but to carry this game to your device now and start to play and go through all the things that are the most powerful tasks that you can play and enjoy all the details, especially in the mysterious world of strange you do not know much

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