Super Mario 2

Game Super Mario quickly there is no time the bad guys lose kidnapped princess and Luigi and other friends task, my hero is to help Super Mario to catch the bad guys and rid the friends then go about the whereabouts of all the bad guys and fought with all the strength and ferocity of all the enemies in each stage of the game you are required edit a certain number of friends tried to do the job quickly and without a mistake and always remember that all the friends in need and Shout Out in order to rid them of evil and Clutches The bad guys .. game fun and wonderful out a lot and many wonderful stages or bad the whole company of the hero beloved and brilliant Super Mario and carried out all your tasks successfully faced assassin challenged and enjoy a game of challenge and excitement wear them now, my hero of the single link direct, fast and size of 4 MB only carry and Scurry in your journey filled with adventure and challenge you can now be played, O hero in order to reach Finally, my hero and get to the end of each task and the level no matter how difficult because here no alternative but to win and when the missions and adventures to be with champions such as Super Mario F. situation is different and a wonderful course for this Be ready and prepared for the challenge, my hero Let's go now, and continued in the confrontation and challenge even beat all the bad guys and overcome all the difficulties of any size Let's go now, my hero every challenges await you here

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