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Explain and assess Solo Launcher 2016 for Android

tired of your device and of his paintings and his services and various pictures Tired of looking at the same icons every day pain tire of your device and from everything inside it? Pain becomes slow on the frequent use and the download and the yolk of different applications Do not you want something new refreshing restores your interest in this device?
Now and luckily you have reached us offer you the best solution which is the Launcher provided by Google alone is not the Launcher, which is low and silly and that consume all device resources without a beautiful result, which would soon no you download ends device battery as a result of the effort and excess processing,After my personal experience I can say simply that this Launcher more than just really nice it is sufficient that the Google giant and I'll tell you why, for several reasons:
the battery life will be lengthened and is the first thing I noticed after downloading this application and all this for his handling of the studied applications and boot it fully economist
After a small study found that the number of users has surpassed the 500,000 user this is enough to make you of his fans,and other features not keep the data which are not used and automatically erased from this beautiful Launcher, and what caught my attention is the speed and beauty of his drawings and worthy of perusal of the large effort to design.
Developer: Solo Launcher Team
Price: Free
Size: 4.299161
Release Date: 09/02/2015
Last updated on: 14/02/2015

Operating system: Android

Download Solo Launcher 2016 for Android

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