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Explain and assess Need For Speed World 2016 for PC

Need 4 speed it is the new version of the popular online game racing game,it is a team game with tremendous style RPG

Huge world:

need for speed, including the cities of "Belmont" and "Rock Port," which makes them reveal the huge cities of the world,there is rotated between day and night, making it more realistic.
during the play it does not have a pedestrian but only traffic is weak, which does not make you stop during the race,but perhaps this makes them less realistic.
Market Cars:

Initially,Choose a vehicle among a small group of non-very exciting, such as the Toyota Corolla or Mitsubishi cars,and then wander in the world of the need for speed in order to choose the racetrack.
You can play single or multiplayer, as you can choose chases with police,evading police and get a certain ranking in races gives you more points than field opens you to buy a better Cars of that previously existing.
adjustment :

you can modify your cars in terms of paint, stickers and badges ...
this game seem to be in a stable position and increased the number of players online.
when you log in to the world of speed, you do not collide with other players, but only share with them in the race environment and some of the traffic,players can online evicted out of the race that entered without knowing,cars in this game have a good handle style giving you fun when used.
developer: Electronic Arts Inc.
Size: 4.7 Mb
Version: 7.22
Release Date: 20/01/2013
Last updated on: 01/20/2013
Operating System: WinXP, Windows 7

Download Need For Speed World 2016 for PC

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