Monkey King Escape

Download game Monkey King Escape You are in this game will play in the personality of the king of the monkeys first task is to collect the maximum amount of gold coins for the liberation of the world's great when all the friends live missions and adventures Without Borders in the piece itself the world kicked off as far as possible you speed and try to hit every time a goal and you're in first place and you fast for that I spend the most you can from strength and effort of course to download game Monkey King Escape your tasks will not be so easy that you imagine where you will find in front of you a wide range of obstacles are all the obstacles placed in front of you in order You get to the end and will try every time eliminate the speed and progress of this focus is required and is very large so you can get to the finish Speed ​​something inevitable but the focus is also required so as not to come out of the path you play it and hit it to the end and to another level of this wonderful game if now can you launch a very large force in order to enjoy all what is in front of you in a wonderful challenge and adventures distinct all present here in front of you in order to play and enjoy the company of the king of monkeys size of 41 MB which is a game of games for iPad dedicated to the system iPad and iPhone this and iPhone are working on devices that work with this system ..

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