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Explain and assess Miro 2016 for Windows
Miro 2016 program of the best software that helps you download videos from the Internet and deal with it on your computer, It is founded by remembering the place where stopped the follow-up video and when you open the video again is to start from where it stopped.
and the program also creates a thumbnail for each video does not have a thumbnail image where you can see this picture without opening video and also can through this program download any torrent file want to download from the Internet and when you download any video file is saved in your own library.
and also you can download directly where you place the link in the program is based is to download the video directly and add it to your library and when you watch any video be deleted after a few days unless you have chosen to keep him permanently and you can also subscribe to the free television channels and are loaded all that is new to your device automatically download the program and will not regret.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Unknown
Size: 20 MB
Version: 1.2.8
Release Date: 09/02/2015
Last updated on 23/07/2011
Operating System: Windows

Download Miro 2016 for windows

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