Download game Farmerama you active farms and is actively working in this game will get a piece of ground and a few seeds and a few animals in this very simple things I start work at the farm your own and try to develop them, and the opening and make it one of the largest farms in the world in the first game Plant a seed that we have provided to you and sure to sponsorship and feed the animals in the farm permanently and continuously after the seed and its transformation into a growth of your plants harvested and then reap the benefits Sold in the market for the money so the money then buy new seeds and buy new animals also work for the concern and care of animals and the new plants until you grow up and then sell them in order to make money Booze cash Buy new lands to work on expanding the farm to accommodate new and many animals, crops and even insects such as bees for breeding and other do-it-much as you can from In order to create a happy farm and are already happy and a big download the game from one link to a direct and fast and go to the world of agriculture and farm work in this game in action here does not end, and also the fun attached and challenges the work of this creative in the challenge and took advantage of all the resources and everything exists in your possession even demonstrate all your abilities and skill to play in the challenge even get to the finish

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