Smart Chart Designer 2016

Explain and assess Smart Chart Designer 2016 for Windows

Smart Chart Designer 2016 a comprehensive program of work of the charts and has more than 40 charts. Multi-tuning of the ornament, which means that hundreds of different styles and types are available. And it supports multiple headers and labels, and rotate the line. And it can store and planned layout (address lines and colors, and so on labels "balance) in the file and reused with different data, So you can easily style of your own maps management. Topics in the program are the real building blocks of the planning scheme. The use of features that can create a desirable view of the chart during a few seconds. And it offers a number of issues to prepare for the use of the graph with the installation packages. See a subdirectory in the installation theme of the files folder. You can also create their own themes and use it with your own maps.

Software requirements:

Developer: Manco Software
Price: 39.99 Shareware
Size: 1.28MB
Version: 1.3
Release Date: 15/09/2007
This version contains many amendments differ from the previous version
Last updated on 01/07/2012
Operating System: WinXP, Windows 7
Classification: Download Program

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