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Explain and assess ASKfm 2016 for Android
are you interested in social networking sites that recently spread on the Internet Do you like to stay and always communicate on these sites to talk with your friends and find out the latest local and international news, if you're from these people, we will talk in this article about a new social networking of its kind site and the idea new locations other well-known social networking,but it will resemble sometimes in some of the things we'll talk about the difference is certainly and the similarities and for all what distinguishes this new location. As we promised us in the site downloads software, we always do full and detailed all the programs to explain, and we'll talk today about the social networking site ASKfm 2016, that site through which to send questions to the friends and followers of this, of course, after you register within the application and you activate your account and activate and also can you add an image to your account and you can also add cover personal page and these are the things that are common between ASKfm 2016 and social networking sites such as Facebook and like Twitter, after you add a picture and a cover for your account you can now search within the site for your friends can play pursuing them through the "Continue" button which will exist on the page the user can also be your friends you proceed through this button and button-up benefit is that if you lowered into new publications to your or any questions up to you and you can respond to them Followers of people to see you all again you have.

features Application ASKfm:

• Free application on the Google Play store for Android systems.

• Application completely different idea from other social networking sites.

• Some of the common things between him and the application of social networking sites and other personal as the picture looks like and a cover image.

• You can send all questions to the people.
Developer: Unknown
Version: 4.2.2
Release Date: 23/02/2017
Last updated on 02/22/2017
Operating system: Android

Download ASKfm 2016 for Android

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