Wise Registry Cleaner

Do you suffer from slow performance system Windows and slow computer, now Wise Registry Cleaner software from better screening programs and cleaning your registry and repair all the errors in your registry files in full, where the software will fully examine each your registry files, and then helping to renovate and repair damaged files, the program also helps to improve the performance of the system after fixing your registry files, the program also displays the values of each record of existing files and offers suggestions either delete it or leave it as is.
Wise Registry Cleaner program does make a backup copy of your registry files to be restored in the event of damage or loss of any of the files during the scanning process, and the program scans your registry files in a few seconds, and it is characterized by canceling retail, while the main benefit of cleaning your registry and improve the work system Windows and programs to get rid of the irregularities that have been deleted completely and correct optimization factors that help the stability of the system.
When any of the important Registry files become corrupted, the program can delete them with the security and the ability to save a copy of these files on your computer to retrieve it as needed, in order to improve the safety and performance of your PC.

The most important features of the program Wise Registry Cleaner: 
1. comprehensive survey of Registry files in a few seconds.
2. take a backup of the Registry files for the possibility to recover it at any time when any of them is damaged.
3. The possibility of tasks and to be implemented later in the schedule.
4. The program does not require previous knowledge can be for beginners and professionals to work with him with ease.
5. improve the functioning of the computer by removing the damaged Registry files and fix mistakes.
6. The provision of technical support for the program on an ongoing basis through the new updates.
7. Fixed an error statistics problem after cleaning device.
8. improve the translation of other languages.
9. mis reform, which appear after the end of the clean up your registry.
10-tune the different translations.
11. continued modernization of the program significantly improve the graphics WebMail

About Wise Registry Cleaner Program 2017
Software version: Wise Registry Cleaner 9.36 Build 607
Year of release: January 2017
Developer: WiseCleaner
Program size: 4.22 Mb
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows 10- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free
Classification:download program, 

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