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Explain and assess WeChat 2017

WeChat 2017 is a program chat and chat and voice calls free for Android devices you can easily communicate with friends and family through bilateral chats or a mass of up to 100 people in one chat room.
Although competition famous applications such as WhatsApp and Skype WeChat 2016 the remains of the programs that has been well Downloaded thanks to its ease of use and lack of problems in the espionage and several other features remind you of them:

completely free forever without any annual or monthly subscription costs.

voice calls or visual voice.

and free for any place in the world picture.

open group chat rooms with 100 people at one time.

chat different ways: text messages, sounds or videos.

post your photos or your favorite places.

safe from spyware and protects your privacy.

easy and effective ways to find friends or make new friends.

compete with your friends in a beautiful games.

post where you are at the same time.

supports more than 20 languages.

Developer: WeChat Tencent
Price: Free
Release Date: 06/02/2015
Last updated on: 10/12/2015
Operating system: Android

Download WeChat 2016 for PC

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