Visual C ++ Express 2010

Explain and assess Visual C ++ Express 2010
free package of Microsoft company that contains the necessary tools that enable developers and experts use to create applications customized using the basic settings in the full version of the program visual studio 2010.
environment are developed and strong, which aims to give you a detailed comprehensive control when creating an original program either Windows (COM +) or applications. NET program gives any mistakes in the program after writing using this program in the form of code and helps to correct the mistakes and then run it .and easy installation, as long as you know the way in which the inauguration, we should not give you any problems during installation.
newly designed start page make finding your way in this program is really simple, while the front has a guide to help working to help the user find what he wants. This version contains some of the features that can be used especially in the writing of the so-called code and debugging tools necessary to examine the program of mistakes.
there are these tools in the full version. This full version for beginners and users who believe that the C + + programming language is secondary. A distinctive collection tools for each and users and novices but still a very minor program to write the coding language C + +.

Size : 3.2 MB
Released: 2010
Release Date: 11/01/2013
Last updated on: 01/11/2013
Operating System: All Windows 7,8,10
Classification:Download Program

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