Visual basic express editor 2010

Explain and assess Visual Basic Express Editor 2010
Visual Basic Express Editor 2010 is a program that allows developers to create applications of their programs especially preferred,if you ever wanted to do for your applications, then this program is a great place to start
Visual Basic Express Editor 2010 allows you to use all of the basic settings and settings for experts, a tool for developers of any experience,basically, the program allows you to create your own applications, NET applications based on a Windows PC, the main pluses include the ability to work on your new application via programming languages, as well as excellent security provisions.
the Microsoft Visual Basic Express Editor 2010 design with a file transfer feature in a "drag and drop" in the main interface,to create an application, you need to make one or more forms, each of which correspond to the screen in the application. Then you need to fill them things,which can be different, such as buttons and text fields, menus, and other options,Microsoft Visual contains a list of the basic toolbox,which combines all of these elements, it seems limitless, and contains useful solutions to a wide range of applications,Visual Basic Express Editor 2010 is the creator of truly comprehensive application developers of all levels of ability.
1. Ease of use interface.
2. Compatible with all levels of experience in the field of development.
3- and included errors Checker and Auto Correct.

1.Complex for beginners to learn.

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