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Explain and assess mp3 music download player 2016

we all know that Android devices are compact always with the music player under the music name or music player than Google Google Music, but sometimes you may encounter problems with these programs is limited to being a private one hand, searching for some files, as they are some mp3 files may not appear despite the existence in your system, if you are suffering from this problem do not worry program mp3 music download player is the ideal solution to this problem.

mp3 music download player is a completely free application for Android devices can be downloaded and installed on any Android device, and can use the discovery of audio clips in mp3 format in the device memory or external memory.
Some of the application features:

program light volume and fast loading,you can browse files across many filters such as albums or singer or genre or lists that you can create, or files and other filters a tool for browsing files easier to find sections.

choose between 5 shortcuts to the surface of different screen sizes (4x1,2x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 4x2),the surface of the screen shortcut allows the use of the program without opening the device is locked.
Disadvantages Application:

general tools and capabilities provided by the application does not differ much from the program management of audio files in the default Android system, but it's better than in the discovery passages.
Developer: skmusic
Price: Free
Size: 3.4603
Version: 1.2.1
Release Date: 10/08/2016
Last updated on: 23/07/2016

Operating system: Android

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