Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird program of important programs that run on the ease of use of email, easy to use program has many features which retain the name of the e-mail and password own password in addition to the retention or above with the mail, you can keep a lot of different e-mail addresses with other details, such as a picture of the owner of the email and date of birth and a lot of other information, the software will remind you to attachments you receive via e-mail as The program reminds you to add attachment before sending mailings, program allows you to open e-mail messages in different tabs, making it easier to move them, the program includes the rapid toolbar candidate helps you to search for emails that connects you quickly and displays the results on the spot, you can search for people or new messages or words, etc., you can archive incoming e-mail messages with a job in the private folders, the program gives you everything that happens inside the e-mail.

The program allows changing the program interface hidden his personality, program contains the extensions manager, which helps you to install a lot of additions directly on the Thunderbird program, if you do not know the usefulness of additions to the existing program, the program provides you with pictures and recommendations and evaluations to help you reach the best additions, maintains program Thunderbird on your privacy where prohibited send photos via e-mail messages automatically, the program to protect e-mail To steal personal information and confidential by hackers or suspicious sites as the program gives an alert to engage in harmful and fraudulent websites, the program updates itself automatically, the program uses a powerful nominations are to stop e-mail unwanted, is free and open source software supports many languages global.

Information from issuing Mozilla Thunderbird program for the computer
Software version: Mozilla Thunderbird 45.6.0
Release Date: December 2016
Developer: Mozilla
Program size: 33.4 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free
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