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Explain and assess Giphy CAM 2016

did you watch moving images on social networking sites and laughed at each other, and you have shared, but you want making your own comics for You are viewing on your friends or on the facebook page for the show to fans on the page?
now you can create animated GIF images with ease and at any time with Giphy CAM 2016 application submitted to you by Giphy CAM 2016 company. Unleash your creativity with this application and making motion pictures and add filters and special effects and then share them with your friends on the Internet, you lose weekly updates to download new filters.
Application features:

add filters and special effects:

improve animated images using various filters.
showed creativity with additions such as pictures and posters and texts, tires and others.
new filters are added each week to help you in making the wonderful animation.

Recording animated image:

press and hold down the red button to be registered animated image.

press once to register rapid situation five-frames per second.

text, participation and conservation:

email the day your friends, in particular, moving them.

photos posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and almost everywhere.

or you can save them in the exhibition you have to view or share later.
Size: 74 MB
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 10/08/2016
Last updated on: 10/08/2016
Operating system: Android

Download Giphy CAM 2016 for Android

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