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application Shazam 2017 is a mobile application that is launched to spread and gain fame among smart phone users, and the application is a director of multi-media files and allows the display songs, music and favorite TV shows with ease.
and the usefulness of the application lies in the identification of multimedia files very quickly. Sometimes you hear a song or see advertising and you like the music it or hear the end of the clip over the radio may not be able to identify the owner of the song or would like to get it downloaded but once you play the clip or file you're looking for again the Application Shazam 2017 search for and access it through a few seconds and you'll see the search results that the application has managed to bring the name of the singer and song lyrics and other information.
application Features:

the application allows the purchase of music and favorite songs directly to you.

free application does not need to be paid in exchange for his services.

it does not consume system resources and does not affect the phone's performance.

light volume and looking for songs and up to once operated in mere seconds.
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
Size: 7 MB
Version: 3.14.0
Release Date: 14/12/2014
Last updated on: 12/14/2014
Operating system: Android

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