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Explain and assess ColorNote 2016
We can say that this application stole the basic idea of the IOS, but developed even eventually become better and stronger of the most important thing I noticed in it speed to save the letters and memoirs, and everything you want to do .... 
most users use it to record the list of purchases and what will buy from the grocery store.
but this application features that I found worth mentioning are:

the beauty of the graphics you can change the colors of the notes and arrange them as you wish.

note the development of any home page for your mobile phone.

perform many tasks and record the order of occurrence.

linking your schedule by writing notes on business.

daily writing memoirs with a beautiful photos.

I've found the most important feature is the Privacy,you can lock any note by private password, no one can know the content but to you.

you may encrypt the data saved on the card in the event of its loss mean card your mobile device.

synchronize your data with all remaining devices containing this application.

find an old note and searched wonderful service right.

Some user reviews:

i love to color the various notes by categories to which they belong, and that's what helped me to focus daily duties my God has helped me this application.

frankly, the most important features that I liked in this application:

it is linked with the schedule for your phone and can not even prove alert ahead through without having to log in to another application this whole and let us not forget his services cloud at save copies of your data.

of disadvantages:

it consumes a lot of processing will not work on devices with modest resources, but if your machine is a good performance and resources Try it out and do not forget to give us your responses
Developer: ColorNote
Price: Free
Size: Varies
Release Date: 17/03/2015
Last updated on: 02/01/2015
Operating system: Android

Download ColorNote 2016 for Android

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