AZ screen recorder 2016

Explain and assess AZ screen recorder 2016
the application AZ screen recorder 2016 allows you to record the screen on your mobile phone to accurately Videos HD, FHD is the only application for the registration screen in the Android store that you can stop and start provisional registration during recording.
you can also record sound from a microphone and are automatically incorporated into the recorded video. Which makes it very suitable for the establishment of educational videos, comments on games or video chat recording.

floating window always remain at the top to be able to pick the right moment in any screen.
in the settings, you can activate the show touch on the screen so the people who watch your videos from knowing exactly what to do.

in addition, there are many other features in this free application such as selecting the video resolution, bit rate, video orientation, Timer to stop, choose the folder in which to save it, view and post or delete recorded videos.
Developer: Hecorat
Size :7.2 MB
Version: 4.6
Release Date: 22/01/2017
Last updated on: 01/19/2017
Operating system: Android

Download AZ screen recorder 2016 for Android 

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