The Rainbow Machine

Download game New Treasure The Rainbow Machine objective of all stages of this game is to try to reach an important treasure box will not be easy never because every stage is a puzzle that needs some thinking and focus so that they can reach the right solution, of course, using the tools you have, as in the games IQ that demonstrate your abilities in the development of barriers Yes just focused in every task of the mission will be stationed here you have to come in front of you in the widget Download game The Rainbow Machine to the required fund that requires you to use the mind to think and a lot of intelligence to put barriers available and things you have in the right place and completely out of play and continued to challenge here is to reach the last stage of this if you can, of course, because the stages here up to about 140 the whole stage very difficult and you have to work Where all your strength and skill until you reach the treasure and get it and if you're a fan of strategy games this wonderful game offers you exactly what all you're looking for shown intelligence and skill in playing with the power of implementation to be completed all required of you, whatever the difficulty in obtaining the treasure found in all phases of the game and that becomes more difficult as you advance in the game for that trust in your abilities and go, my hero

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