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is GreenBrowser 2016 is the perfect choice for the forces of browser and security and fast, contains the browser on a powerful search tool that supports drag-and-drop help you reach what you're looking for on the Web, built-in browser filter for ads AD filter to get rid of all the annoying ads that flow on the user's speed while browsing the internet, the program is characterized by high speed of downloads from the internet, as you can save as many pages as a group on the computer and when you press the Group show all sites,you may open as many Web sites at the same time without a significant impact on the speed of the Internet, keep your browser on your privacy where you can erase the traces of browsing in addition to the possibility of pressure on the Boss key button, which prevents anyone from seeing your Internet surfing.
Containing Green browser 2016 on very task bar in the specialty is divided into three parts, an area tips and the tasks and the status bar and it provides Green Browser plenty of choice keys earmarked for a range of functions, such as the most commonly used search engine and built-in multimedia player program runs on all of the videos on the internet pages such as YouTube and Facebook and other,the software helps in speed to save Web pages that you have visited, making it easier for you to reach them again, the browser supports all global search engines like Google and Yahoo, the program offers the possibility of translation of texts or websites into many languages, the software is free and does not consume a lot of CPU resources were update your browser and improve mute in Windows 7 feature and add colors to the lists browser.
About software version GreenBrowser computer
Software version: GreenBrowser 6.9 Build 1223
Release Date: December 2016
Developer: MoreQuick
Program size: 1.15 Mb
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8 - Windows10
Classification:Download Program

Download  GreenBrowser 2016 for PC

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