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Explain to know your computer's specifications by Speccy 2016

You can find out your computer's specifications and the pieces contained in the computer by Speccy 2016 program, which is one of the best programs that can give you information about each part of the computer and software parts, where the program displays the status of each of the operating system and the processor and RAM and motherboard , graphics, and hard drives, screen and sound card and network Internet Information,as you can by Speccy 2016 control program in the user's account, and the firewall and automatic updates for Windows and anti-virus programs and timing, and the program displays the temperature to disconnect the device, and you can identify the problems that you experience through the program.
Program Speccy 2016 gives you information about the operating system type and the version you are working on, and the type and the actual speed of the processor and the temperature of the processor know brands him and his power and quality of the RAM used, whether DDR2 or DDR3, you can also program the knowledge of the rest of the details, such as graphics cards and card High Definition audio and the type and name of the device and hard type and the number of turns, and its duration of use and the available space and the total area of the hard drive as the program reads the data on your hard drive and sound card, and the keyboard and mouse and printers, Wi-Fi.
About software version Speccy 1.30
Software version: Speccy 1.30.730
Year of release: November 2016
Developer: Piriform Ltd
Program size: 6.0 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: DEMO Trail
Classification:Download Program

Download Speccy 2016 for PC

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