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Learn the case of hard disk by a program CrystalDiskInfo 2016

if you want to buy a computer or hard disk and would like to know its status such as temperature and the number of hours, which has operated for either Hard or computer, it is a program CrystalDiskInfo 2016 of distinctive programs and that lets you know the status enjoyed by the hard disk, such as its kind hard used, Sata or Data, as well as knowledge of the number of hours he worked out hard and the temperature and storage space, and the date of issue or Model and the number of laps disk,so you can take the appropriate decision after a follow-up program and install it on your computer, the situation appears to you hard disk, and the most important in this program are easy to identify what you want from potential hard because the program supports the Arabic language fully, as well as 18 other languages.
the program displays, temporary files stored within the size and number of hours of hard conduction plugged any number of hours used and how many partition and serial its own and it indicates interface to use the program also to used disk case and if it is good as it appears in the image and temperature display enjoyed by hard during the operation and the number of turns per minute and is the turnover rate and also the total area of the hard disk.
About software version CrystalDiskInfo
Software version: CrystalDiskInfo 7.0.4
Release Date: October 2016
Developer: hiyohiyo
Program size: 3.77 KB
Program: English and Arabic languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows 10 -Windows 8.1- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free
Classification:Download Program

Download CrystalDiskInfo 2016 for PC

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