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Program Bleachbit 2016 cleaning windows and provide hard space

Bleachbit 2016 is a free program that allows users to clean the Windows system and removing the irregularities found on the hard for the savings of the total area of the machine by removing any irregularities exist or operate on a breach of your privacy and examples that deletes the definition of cookies and history and addresses browse the web and internet browsing records and cleaning browsers full of temporary files, such as Google Chrome and Firefox and Internet Explorer,and provide storage for temporary memory space allows the program to delete cookies HTML5 pages and files downloaded from the Internet about them is available and information and upload history can also delete the passwords recorded on the computer and web pages, which are stored within the browser and removed from the sites that should Do not save the secret of her words.
the most important characteristic of the program is that you can choose the Arab front for the program upon installation and it lets you handle with ease with Bleachbit 2016 as the program continued to update the mistakes updates and adding new features and properties have also resembles the program in use, but the famous Cleaner Bleachbit 2016 program that alerts you if there are problems in the files could affect the speed of the device or device-related problems safely and aim ultimately is to improve the functions of the device and makes it fast in loading data.
About the program Bleachbit
Software version: BleachBit 1.12
Year of release: October 2016
Developer: Andrew Ziem
Program size: 6.5 MB
Language of software: Supports Arabic and English
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows 10 -Windows 8.1- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free
Classification:Download Program

Download Bleachbit 2016 for PC

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