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Download antivirus software Amiti Antivirus 2016
Program Amiti Antivirus 2016 powerful tool in combating and monitoring of all types of viruses and malware and is one of the programs that work on the monitoring and detection of all types of viruses and eliminate and work to remove them from the computer, Amiti Antivirus 2016 reliable tools and specialized in computer protection your threats and malware and malicious files and all kinds of viruses, where doing a thorough check of your computer to make sure the device is free from viruses and malicious programs that harm your personal files and your data,the program analyzes and device examination where removing and cleaning device from viruses and malware and spyware in case of its existence, the program scans the Windows system and system files and protect sound files from infection by viruses and malicious software, available program Amiti Antivirus 2016 the Quick Scan feature Flashers and the entrance to the USB or specific files from the hard disk and detect and remove malware and viruses from infected files,the program features a simple interface and an attractive and easy to use and does not consume the processor and system resources and supports automatic update if you connect to the Internet or the possibility of automatically updated.
you may through Amiti Antivirus 2016 program Browse websites safely without fear of infection with viruses or spyware which provides firewall forces to detect infected sites with viruses or malware and disabling access to the affected sites and notify you of links broken and infected, the program supports checking e-mails and the removal of infected messages malicious software,you can download your copy of the program Amiti Antivirus 2016 to enjoy the availability of a firewall against the forces of any kind of viruses and protect personal files and confidential data from malicious programs and the program is constantly updated and added viruses and malware to the database program to eliminate them at high speed.
About software version Amiti Antivirus
Software version: Amiti Antivirus
Release date: January 2016
Developer: NETGATE Technologies
Program Size: 22.48 Mb
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Trial
Classification:Download Program

Download Amiti Antivirus 2016 for PC

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