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Download Hard division program EaseUS Partition Master 2016
Partition Master Program Distinctive software that helps you divide the hard or hard drive to a specific partition, where the program allows you to organize the work of the computer and the ease of working on it by dividing large spaces into small spaces and fragmentation of large files, and the software can split any hard disk, to equal areas and adjusting the first partition in the take-off and through which the load Windows it,And adjusting files encoded such as FAT or NTFS was the way of the former it is done by Filoby disc and through DOS commands, and for that it has become much easier in the current period of the existence of specialized programs running at full efficiency.
Benefit Partition Master Program it is that the program helps to divide and hard disk management and space management and solve the problem of reducing the space partition and the possibility of expanding the NTFS system without rebooting to adjust the performance of your PC, the software can merge more than partition at one time in order to increase the empty space or increase allocated to the games area or windows which may be impediment to many installations of software and games on your computer,you can customize the user information and data without impacting on the hard files such as formate, so you'll find that partition Master program is one of the programs that enjoy safe when used in the division of the hard disk.
and the most important feature in the program speed up your computer by defragmentation, the program can also transform dynamic disc to a hard disk and convert a FAT file system to NTFS without losing the files and restore any Partition deleted from the hard disk
About software version EaseUS Partition Master
Software version: EaseUS Partition Master 11.9
Release Date: October 2016
Developer: EaseUS
Program size: 47 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows 10- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Trial
Classification:Download Program

Download EaseUS Partition Master 11.9 for PC

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