Internet Download Manager 5.11

 Explain and evaluate Internet Download Manager 5.11 
Famous from the Internet download software that you can download what you want to do from the internet pages or links that direct you (video, images, programs, ............) or download torrent files.

One of the advantages of this program:
1_ big speed in downloading files where connection speed takes full even if you're on network devices
2_ the possibility of completing the download after online outage
3_ compatibility with all browsers and can disable compatibility with any browser you want.
4_ possibility classified files after downloaded automatically (documents, compressed files, songs, programs, video)
5_ possibility of determining the speed of the Internet so that the program does not withdraw the full speed of the Internet-connected device determines you moisten the roof of the speed at which you want to carry out.
6_ possibility off the device or log off or hibernate when one downloads or completeness of all downloads
7_ download site completely the possibility of treading where the download site or the website's photo or audio files or the site ........
8_ download videos and flash the possibility during a watch on your browser through the button appears on the video when it is displayed on the browser.
In general the program more remarkable, one of the most important Internet Download Programs
I advise everyone downloaded.

Internet Download Manager program works demo for 15 days.

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