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program Conversion formulas, known as Xnconvert 2016 of the best conversion programs worldwide and the most famous is the competitor very strong program formateFactory 2016 transform and improve digital images programs, Action convert free application that helps you convert images, edit and enhance images in addition to put a watermark on images and installation frames to images and apply many filters to images,you can zoom from and enlarge images while maintaining the quality and also write texts on images, the program allows you to adjust the degree of color contrast on the images, as well as improve the clarity by applying filters for a variety of images, such as a filter to improve the purity of the images (Blur), as well as a filter to improve the edges of images and filter to sharpen the image and increase the smooth surface, the program Xnconvert 2016 enjoy Organization interface and easy to use and you can convert all the images that are very popular formats,and also you can apply a wide range of measures on the images so you can install a three-dimensional frames around images and adjust the intensity of the brightness of the lighting, as well as improving the image and remove impurities and defects push of a button, this software is capable of converting images into a white photos of old and black and also convert images to plates attractive, in addition to its ability to convert images to boards upscale, the program provides you with a comparison between the original image and improve the image so you know how much the changes that have been made on the images,you can also rotate images in all directions at an angle of 90 degrees, you can also select a wide range of images, add a watermark on the images at one time, with the ability to control the size and font color, and also control the transparency of a watermark on images and control the positioning of place images ,program light and is compatible with all Windows operating systems.
Program XnConvert 2016 is a free and powerful solutions that have been developed carefully and loaded with a wide range of tools to convert and edit digital images on a computer in a few simple steps,you can view the images on the program and some improvements in the pictures then you can save images on a high-quality computer and in many formats such as PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP and various other forms,You can also also be sent directly by e-mail, in addition to the possibility of lifting the pictures on the Internet using file transfer protocol system of calculation,this program is very light on the system and consumes a small amount of processor and memory,you can now download the XnConvert 2016 program and use it on your computer to convert and edit digital photos for free and for life.
Information about the program
Software Version: xnconvert 1.72
date of issue:February 2016
Developer: xnview
Program size:12 MB
Language of software: supports many languages
System Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP and Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license:Free

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