Download Psiphon PC 2016

Download link Psiphon a computer program for Windows 8 as well as Windows 10 quick link specialist to browse and enter the blocked sites where he works to change your data, such as changing the Ip even allows you to access the blocked sites for your country for any reason whatsoever and straightforward.
The way the program is easy to just load it and then open it and press run for the installation then select the preferred method of contact you have, then press the call sign, which is within a few seconds and then put in contact Server software and you enjoy browsing complete privacy.

 Features psiphon for pc 

  • It supports the creation of encrypted protocols for states to blocked sites and decoding blocking.
  • You can secure your data and your activities on the Internet by him to hide what you are doing for your service provider.
  • It works on decoding block sites for all countries without exception.
  • It supports all Android systems, and also copies of Windows.
  • Psiphon program does not consume resources of the machine is small in size and light on the device.
  • What distinguishes it is the most important being open source is completely free of any and gets continuous improvement and development updates.
  • Available months languages ​​including Arabic language.
  • Android version of it available in the form of a browser to access blocked sites directly without complications.
  • It combines application techniques such as competition: Hula program, Hotspot Shield and other other programs.

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