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Download program transfer files from PC to iPhone photosync companion 2016 free

Program photosync companion 2016 of the best file transfer programs through the clouds from PC to iPhone s4 transfer images and video files on the iPhone and iPod and iPad by drag-and-drop, application photosync companion 2016 free software that helps you to transfer photos and videos from your computer to Apple devices , you can drag video files, photographs, and bring it down to a private area of the program files are transferred very quickly to the iPhone and (iPad) and iPod,you can also work on the contrary, the transfer of photos and video of the iPhone and iPod and iPad to computer, program photosync companion 2016 has a simple interface and easy to use cultivated automatically transfer files when you open a dedicated photo and video folders on your computer, you can use drag and drop images and video on a specific area of the file system to be transferred to Apple Inc,you can also access the program settings and customizable folders on your hard drive to receive video files and photos from iPhone and iPod and iPad devices on your computer.
Information about the program
Software Version: photosync companion
Developer: photosync-app
Program size:7 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: Windows All versions
Windows XP and Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Licensing Program: Free

Download photosync companion 2016 for PC

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Download photosync companion 2016 for iPhone

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