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Hello . We offer you today Game Action, fighting, shooting terrible Over three free agent on multiple devices.
Game Overkill 3-type games FPS Games or the first person shoots First Person Shooter Game.
Set in the future where the colonization of land by using machines, soldiers and some strange monsters. Even show resistance, which includes fighters greats (players online). In an extended war using multiple technology and weapons of the future.
It's not just Action and shootings, but military tactical game where different tactics required to win the battle for the piece. You must use new tactics to win every battle
He traveled from place to place to accomplish the tasks amid changing environments such as desert places abandoned and war-ravaged cities and industrial complexes and other
Make sure you have the latest developments of weapons and upgrade equipment, weapons constantly to get a better performance during the battle.
Purchase a new and improved weapons from gun shop with a note that some of the weapons needed to Medals and decorations to be able to buy them.
The use of sniper rifles require skill and high accuracy in correction. Use the quick sprinklers in Arda enemies and need to speed direct confrontation and gun heavy machine gun, which slows down the speed of your movement with the awesome power to destroy and cause destruction and electric weapons. For the piece must take into account that each weapon mode and style of play and must acquire special skills with weapons.
Shoot everything moves to keep your life and beware of modern unmanned aircraft, which must be disposed of quickly.

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