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Program oCam 2017 to photograph and record the computer screen

Program oCam 2016 of important programs that help to provide explanations and presentations during the filming of the desktop screen, the program is characterized as easily and smoothly with one mouse click you can start the imaging process or to stop filming, the program helps you to capture images for your desktop easily in addition to recording videos,you can define the area to be photographed, whether desktop screen or part of it, and the software will save the video automatically after stop filming and you can put watermarks on the videos to save your property rights,the program supports all the different codes of videos, featuring videos recorded by the program of high quality and clarity of sound and image, the program uses minimal processor resources, the program supports many videos popular formats such as MP4, MKV, MV4, MOV, AVI and others, the program helps to provide explanations and lessons in a professional photographer and you can raise your videos recorded by the program to various social networking sites, the program is easy to use, simple and light.
About software version oCam 2017
Software version: oCam 344.0
Release Date: November 2016
Developer: Ohsoft
Program size: 8.2 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows 10- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Freeware
Classification:Download Program

Download Program oCam 2017 for PC

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