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Program is mcshield of the best protection of the flash memory of the deadly protect the flash disk from viruses and harmful files Virus programs, GMC Shield is a free application that allows you to protect the flash memory against viruses, malicious programs and work to remove them, after the program's inauguration on your program and will run Check Disk Flash memory card or automatically once connected to a computer via USB (USB), the program will reveal viruses and malware and permanently deleted from the flash disk The card memory, and also a book of infected files with viruses, and booked in chapter Stone (quarantine) without deleting them, the program GMC Shield is a powerful tool to combat viruses that invade the flash memory card, you can also work scanning the disk hard and clean of viruses and malware, the program has a simple interface easy to use, which can operate the software update as you activate cloud protection that is doing a disk checking online Flash technology and memory card by contacting the huge database on the internet and this method helps you to detect all malicious programs and viruses very quickly.

External storage units such as flash disk and memory card is vulnerable to viruses and malware that spread from one computer to another, and this needs to be done to protect the flash disk and flash memory against all viruses before they enter the system and causing problems indispensable, you can use a program M CNN shield of freedom labor protective shield against viruses, trojans and malicious files to colonize flash disk and memory card from the virus, a program that works automatically once connected flash disk of the computer, the program also works with the beginning of the take-off system that is not afraid anymore of viruses on your flash drive, you can now download GMC shield and use it on your computer for free and for life.

Information about the program
Software Version: mcshield
Release: February 2016 Date
Developer: mcshield
Program size: 2.72 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: Windows All versions
Windows XP and Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Licensing Program: Free
Mcshield download software for the computer

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