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Explain running the program free calls LINE 2016 on the computer
program LINE 2016 one of the most prominent free software that enables you to communicate with your friends in your country or anywhere in the world through voice chat and text, as well as an instant free calls, you can through the program create a Group of a group of friends and make a chat and discussions in one place, and can everyone in the group see messages sent content, whether texts or voice notes or record a video or group of the pictures belong to a particular event,the program works on mobile phones that operate by Android and IOS, and well after the resounding success of such programs in voice calls and text chat, became available version of the software running on the Windows system and computer, and to act efficiently and you can communicate with anyone whether using a mobile phone or computer, provided a good go online ,you can hear the content of the calls properly and clearly.
Explain dealing with the program LINE

Line program works directly after it is installed on your PC,Download the program Download line and in order to be able to work on the program must create an account or register calculates that already exists, and you can also make a new account through the program interface, which appears in the following image, through Sign up will be asked to enter the phone number and the country.

Download LINE 2016 for Windows

Download LINE 2016 for Android

Download LINE 2016 for iPhone

Download LINE 2016 for Mac OS

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