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Explanation of application acceleration Android phones Avira Android Optimizer
Application Avira Android Optimizer is one of the important applications that should probably be installed on Android phones to work on the organization of telephone and mobile acceleration, and the program works to improve the performance and cleaning phone from waste and non-useful applications, which typically consume device resources, so it favors a a program that works to accelerate Android phones and use it to remove any irregularities of programs and applications,and games that exist on Mobile after the uninstall and occupies an area of the phone and work to increase the phone memory and you can use them to another area, the program submitted by the company's giant avira and is dedicated to the creation of applications and closing the applications that run on the background and which consume RAM resources and processor and battery and provide any available space can be utilized.
How the program works Avira Android Optimizer

Shown in the previous picture, the main interface of the program, and through which you can find out if the memory and the amount used of them, as the percentage of consumption appears to show the word RAM and the Optimize, after running the application and leave it for a few seconds until the works,you can organize the work of memory and RAM used on the phone, as well as the battery.

you can use the system saver for the battery to maintain consumption and this is through the word Battery'll find on this window of remaining battery consumption as a percentage and you can choose to save the energy system inside the battery to limit the use of force and quickly.
Avira Android Optimizer program and it comes to you in English supports most versions of Android
and prefer Android KitKat and allows you to program trial period for 31 days Trial.
you can delete the application through messages sent and received by the phone once whether that comes from applications such as WhatsApp or on personal phones it defines this option and delete and remove large files within the applications.

Download Avira Android Optimizer for Android

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