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Explain and assess adobe after effects 2017

this program is used in the preparation of animation and taken advantage of the program in the preparation of animated cartoons and children's films of course, the program of the manufacture of the famous company Adobe all you have to do is press the download button and download it to your device and then start making animations your.

Program Description

adobe has industry program after effect to create the animation and visual effects,the program after effect allows users to move or change the dimensions of the video in 2D and 3D with various integration tools and plug-ins, as well as individual attention to variables such as parallax and angle adjustable by the user.

the main interface consists of several panels (windows in versions prior to after effect ). Three of the paintings the most common is a painting project, the composition of the panel and panel schedule the elements used in the panel clips publishing project board, where you can modify the system layer and timing. Clear items in the current time marker are displayed in the mounting plate.

I. General Information about the program:

Program name : After Effects

the Producing company :Adobe

The program rating (job or program): Motion Graphic & Compositing

What means motion graphic?

Means brief, animation and images means, for example, draw a square and you want to move from the far right to the far left Is not it possible that I am the stirring process in programs such as power point or Flash or program image ready supplement with Photoshop?

Answer: possible, but ...

For each work program

Power Point

Progressive offers


The world of the Internet

Image Ready

The world of the Internet also

After Effects

To the world of television

add to that a program After Effects High precision and excellent and above all the above programs

What means compositing?

In brief, meaning installation

in the world of After Effects you are installing classes Layers (just like Photoshop)
These layers may be different from each other
What is the meaning of this ?

meaning that you can combine several layers of different sources, such as videos, photos and cartoons bilateral dimension and fees trilateral dimension, text, of course, will be attached to all this (in most cases) the voice layer
in brief, After Effects software giant deals with most of the different types of programs
it deals with image-editing programs like Photoshop and deals with video editing programs such as Premiere and deals with the bilateral dimension drawing programs such as illustrator and Flash
and deals with the three-dimension fee programs such 3DSMAX and other in addition to high potential, constructing animated texts Note: the program works on both systems windows and mac.

Download Adobe after effects CS3 for PC

Download Adobe after effects CS 4 for PC

Download Adobe after effects CS5 for PC

Download Adobe after effects CS 6 for PC

Download Adobe after effects CC 2015 for PC

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