Astroburn Lite 2016

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Astroburn Lite software is a powerful work on the copy and burn all types of cylinders, easy to use program where you can work disks CD and DVD,the program helps to provide a large space on the hard drive, which increases the speed of your computer, you can save your important information on the protected cylinders words strong passwords to prevent anyone from accessing it, the program allows to burn ISO images on CD,you can burn all the files of images, text, movies and other on different cylinders the CD and Blu-ray and dvd, the process of installing the software on easy and simple computer and you can choose the language in which it operates the program during installation, supports the program Astroburn Lite all optical discs such as CD-R / RW and DVD -R / RW and others,the program is characterized by high speed to burn files on CDs, fits the program of all computer users, whether beginners or professionals, the program provides the ability to choose the speed at which burn CDs, the program is small in size and consumes a lot of CPU resources during operation, the program supports all Windows operating systems.
About the program Astroburn Lite for computer
Software version: Astroburn Lite
Year of release: April 2016
Developer: Disc Soft Ltd
Program size: 11.9 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free
Classification: Download Program

Download Astroburn Lite for PC

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